Content in Super Mario Maker is unlocked by a time schedule based on Deliveries.

Arrival of deliveries is based on time and activity in the editor. So far the following has been observed:

  • Fast deliveries can only occur if you have updated Mario Maker to v1.01.
  • A normal delivery will arrive 24 hours (idle or otherwise) after the previous delivery (of either type) or the first boot of the game. The message A Delivery Truck Has Arrived! will appear.
  • After any delivery, there is a 15 minute window during which no delivery can occur.
  • A fast delivery occurs when there are no unused elements available (as indicated by red blocks on the selectors) and a minimum number of blocks has been placed.
  • When a number of blocks have been placed, a message giving a previous of what is in the next delivery will appear. This indicates that you are about halfway?? to the number of blocks required for a fast delivery. It does not affect the speed of normal delivery and this message does not need to appear for a normal delivery to occur.
  • When the required number of blocks has been placed a fast delivery will occur and the message Oh! A Delivery Truck has arrived. That's a bit sooner than we were expecting! will appear.
  • Time spent playing courses has no effect on fast deliveries, nor does time idling in the editor. You can however speed up fast deliveries by placing large numbers of blocks. Rapidly filling levels with regular bricks by wiggling the stylus around randomly does work.

Based on random observation by continuously placing blocks, a delivery notification appeared after 280 placed blocks, and after this a fast delivery appeared after exactly 1000 blocks were placed.

The contents of deliveries are as follows: