Goombas are iconic recurring enemies in the Mario universe. They appear in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U styles. Instead, in the Super Mario World style, they are replaced by Galoombas.


An early screenshot of the E3 2014 presentation.

It was shown that Goombas can be stacked up on eachother, forming a Goomba Tower.

Normally, they will walk around slowly, only damaging on contact and can be defeated with a single stomp, being very easy to kill, although there are variants of Goombas that raise the difficulty a bit.

If Goombas are added on a water surface, they will float around, chasing after Mario.

Adding Wings to a Goomba will cause it to move in a bouncing fashion rather than straight forwards. When jumped on, it first loses the wings, then it becomes vulnerable.

Adding a Super Mushroom to a Goomba creates a Grand Goomba, which is double the size but otherwise behaves as normal; however, if jumped on, it will split into 2 normal Goombas.

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