Lakitu is an enemy, resembling a turtle wearing pilot's goggles, that appears riding in a cloud. It flies side-to-side, even through walls, pursuing Mario indefinitely, though always remaining at the same altitude. Normally, it attacks by dropping Spinies. If Lakitu is defeated, Mario can ride in the cloud for a short time before it dissipates.

Description Edit

If a different enemy is dragged on top of Lakitu, it will drop that enemy instead. If a power-up or other beneficial item (such as a trampoline) is dragged on top of Lakitu, it will drop that item instead, but will fly off-screen after dropping three of them.

If Lakitu is shaken, it will fall out of the cloud, allowing the cloud to be placed independently. Enemies and items can be placed in the cloud, and they will move the same way Lakitu does.

Trivia Edit

  • Because dragging a Super Mushroom on top of Lakitu would cause it to throw Super Mushrooms, Lakitu cannot be made large. However, large enemies can be placed in the cloud. The cloud will grow large if this is done, but will shrink to normal size when the large enemy is defeated.
  • Placing wings on a Lakitu, or placing a winged enemy or item in Lakitu's cloud, causes it to fly up and down and side to side in an erratic pattern.
  • Because Lakitu can move through walls and other objects, Lakitu cannot be placed inside a pipe. His cloud, however, can.
  • There used to be a glitch in the game that allowed lakitu to not have a cloud, and behave a lot like a Goomba or a Koopa Troopa.

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