Weird Mushroom
48px-MM Luigimushroom.svg
Vital statistics
Type Mushroom
Effects Turns Mario tall and skinny
Source Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event
Cost to buy No Price
Cost to sell No Price
The Weird Mushroom (also known as Luigi Mushroom or Skinny Mushroom) is a rare power-up that made its debut in Super Mario Maker. Upon use, Mario will turn slimmer and gain the abilities of Luigi, with higher jumps but lower traction. It looks similar to a normal Mushroom with a short cap and a very thin base. There is a small chance that they will spawn from a block that normally spawns a Super Mushroom. A Super Mushroom can't overwrite the effect of this mushroom.

According to Tezuka, this power-up was originally a bug while developing the Super Mushroom which made Mario skinny, but he later decided to keep it in the final version of the game as a joke.

To unlock the Weird Mushroom for real, you must complete the 4 Nintendo World Championship 2015 courses at least once, in any order. After clearing them all, a message will pop on the Sample Courses page saying: "Congratulations! You cleared all four of the Nintendo World Championship 2015 courses! Proving your skills as a super player surely deserves a special reward. Next time you're making a course, choose the Super Mario Bros. game style, select a Super Mushroom, and give it a shake...".

After that, you can use the Weird Mushroom by shaking a Super Mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. game style any time you want.



An example of a tall and skinny Mario