All levels i have created:

Splatoon - mario maker ☆-4: 2ED4-0000-0043-8C56

The ultimate race ☆-3: C571-0000-003B-187D

Spikey battle! ☆-2: CCCC-0000-0039-6E78

go in pipe and don't do anything: 8D92-0000-0032-239A

☆-1 (Roller coaster madness!!): 6FFB-0000-0029-5B36

Bowser fortress [100-4 final]: 55A9-0000-0027-8123

Happy land v. 1.0.2: 61E0-0000-0026-E659

Bowser's New fort v 1.0.1: 460C-0000-001C-10EC

Happy land v. 1.0.1: C02F-0000-001B-FFF2

Happy land: 1E04-0000-0018-1A64

Want more? Star my Courses! (When i reach 50 ☆, i will be able to publish 20 courses!)

the ☆ means a star

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