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 ? Mushroom getting out of a ? block
Vital statistics
Type Power-Up
Effects Turns Mario into another character by tapping Amiibo or completing the 100 Mario Challenge, as a random costume.
Source Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event
Cost to buy 0.00
Cost to sell 0.00

The Mystery Mushroom is a power-up that is new to Super Mario Maker that is only in Super Mario Bros. style. It was created so that every style has a style-specific power-up.

How it worksEdit

When you tap a mystery mushroom on-screen, it will show a menu to select from various costumes. A few are unlocked from the start. If you do not select anything, or select "mystery mushroom", the mushroom will give Mario a random costume. If a mystery mushroom has a selected costume, it will look like that costume in the editor. You can unlock new costumes by tapping in an amiibo to get a costume of that amiibo. You can also get mystery mushroom costumes by completing Event Courses or as rewards for the 100 Mario Challenge.

Note: You can only get the 30th Anniversary Mario costume via amiibo.

In the Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U styles, it becomes a Super Leaf, Cape Feather, or Propeller Mushroom respectively.

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