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Vital statistics
Type Power-Up
Effects Turns Mario into another character by tapping Amiibo, completing a nintendo-made event course or completing the 100 Mario Challenge, as a random costume. However, some costumes can only be obtained in certain 100 mario challenge mode. For example, zero suit samus can only be obtained in expert mode and higher
Source Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event
Cost to buy 0.00
Cost to sell 0.00

The Mystery Mushroom is a power-up that is new to Super Mario Maker that is only in Super Mario Bros. style. It was created so that every style has a style-specific power-up.

How it worksEdit

When you tap a mystery mushroom on-screen, it will show a menu to select from various costumes. A few are unlocked from the start. If you do not select anything, or select "mystery mushroom", the mushroom will give Mario a random costume. If a mystery mushroom has a selected costume, it will look like that costume in the editor. You can unlock new costumes by tapping in an amiibo to get a costume of that amiibo. You can also get mystery mushroom costumes by completing Event Courses or as rewards for the 100 Mario Challenge.

Note: You can only get the 30th Anniversary Mario costume via amiibo.

In the Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U styles, it becomes a Super Leaf, Cape Feather, or Propeller Mushroom respectively.