Question Blocks are iconic Mario blocks, marked with a large golden question mark, that traditionally provide bonuses.

A Question Block can be created in the editor in the normal way. This will create a block that delivers a coin when bumped from below. The bump is also passed on to any mobiles standing on the Question Block at the time. Question Blocks can be destroyed by a Spike Helmet or a Large Shell.

Dragging and dropping any other item onto the Question Mark will cause the block to deliver that instead. Almost any item can be provided by a Question Block, including enemies. The item will be spawned in the position above the Question Block; if this position is not free, the spawned object will immediately be destroyed (unless it is an item that does not collide with objects, such as Boo Buddies.

Applying Wings to a Question Block will cause it to move, flying from right to left, with slight vertical movement.