Spinies are uncommon enemies in the Mario series, and are set to make an appearance in Super Mario Maker. Spinies are usually thrown by Lakitus in their egg forms, and when they are released, they will soon start walking through the ground. The player cannot defeat these enemies by simply jumping on them, unlike Koopas. Instead, they can be defeated by tossing a shell on their way or killed with fireballs. Underwater, they will stay as eggs and float around. They can also walk on ceilings and will drop down when Mario gets close.



Para-spinies (name not official) are flying counterparts of Spinies. As they fly, they continually curl and uncurl into a ball, which not only affects their altitude--with them dropping, then rising each time they roll into and out of a ball--but somehow allows them to shoot out spikes in all four primary directions each time they curl up.

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