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Yoshi is a character that is present in Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U styles. When a Yoshi egg hatches, Yoshi pops out, unless there are already two Yoshis on screen; if there are, it will hatch into a Super Mushroom if Mario is small, a Fire Flower if he is big, a Cape Feather or a Propeller Mushroom if he is Fire Mario, and a 1-up Mushroom if he has one of those.

Yoshi has the ability to swallow certain items and enemies, and, in New Super Mario Bros. U style, to do a "flutter-jump" to boost height. Mario can control Yoshi by riding him, and if Mario is hurt while riding Yoshi, Mario will dismount Yoshi and Yoshi will run around aimlessly. Mario can also dismount Yoshi by spin-jumping.

Items Yoshi can eat, and the effects:


Differences between Yoshi in the different styles:

  • Yoshi can flutter-jump in NSMBU but not in SMW.
  • Yoshi's tongue can pass through blocks in the SMW but not in NSMBU
  • Yoshi's tongue is 5 blocks long in NSMBU but only 4 blocks long in SMW
  • In SMW style, Yoshi's tongue when stuck out always occupies the lower half of Yoshi's height. In NSMBU style, it occupies the upper half unless Mario ducks, then it occupies the lower half.

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